Alauzet is a magical place

A green oasis where you can spend quality time with yourself and the people you love. The various buildings on the terrain have been constructed by hand, with lots of passion and eye for detail. Honouring craftsmanship, authenticity and a serene simplicity


Nature Spa

Being close to nature is an essential part of our wellness experience.

The woodfired sauna and hot-tub with views over the lake and forest beyond will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated


Vision Quest

Reconnect with nature to transform and expand your reality.

The Vision Quests is a deep transformational process. It is a rite of passage that has been conducted by indigenous cultures since the beginning of times. It's a ceremony to mark the transition from one phase of life to another. It gives you the opportunity to close a cycle with gratitude in order to move on to the next with strength and clarity.



We believe in the healing power of nature.

LWith Alauzet we provide a nurturing space and inspire you to reconnect with your authentic self, others and the divine essence of life. By bridging ancient indigenous rituals and modern science we aim to strengthen the body-mind connection and our universal consciousness.



Alauzet is a true hidden gem.

Immersed in the forest, adjacent to the lake of castelnau de mandailles. Providing plenty of opportunity for water activities and other outdoor adventures.



“Let food be thy medicine”

We are very passionate about food and nutrition, and love to inspire others with our fresh and healthy recipes that are good for human health and sustainability.