Who we Are

Who we are

We are Jasper and Melissa 

Two adventurers who love to explore inner and outer worlds. Living in Amsterdam we had a dream to live a more natural lifestyle and to be in harmony with the rhythms of nature. In 2012 we started looking for different places on the internet all over Europe and quite immediately found this most magical place called Alauzet. It was the first and only place we went to visit and especially Jasper felt immediately that this was it. The promised land!

We bought the property and the biggest adventure of our life began. Without a real plan, we drove with our vintage campervan to France and installed it as our house on our new terrain. To be able to build something up you often have to break something down first, so we started to clear the terrain and bring down a few ugly old constructions. And in the mean time we started to think of what we wanted to create. 

The intention of the place was very clear from the beginning; To provide a space where people can reconnect with nature and their own essence. And this is something we are very passionate about as we really have to live it ourselves in order to be able to share that with others. On a personal and relational level it is an ongoing process of breaking down our own conditioning, resistance, limiting thinking and other old stuff to make way for a new paradigm. 

It is really fascinating to live with the cycles of nature. All the aspects are so present here, very little goes by unnoticed when you are outdoors and don’t have the same distractions as with an urban lifestyle. The changing of the seasons, the moon cycles, the elements, the trees and animals; they all help us to feel the life force and the connection with ourselves and our surroundings. They hold tremendous amounts of wisdom and are our biggest teachers. 

Our construction ideas changed overtime as things often turn out to be different than you initially think, we learned to be flexible and to improvise when confronted with challenges. We have designed, build and decorated everything by ourselves, with our own hands and the help of many friends. We have a deep love for rustic materials and true craftsmanship, so we often drove for hours into the French countryside to pick up reclaimed materials such as oak beams, stones, porches and antique doors. People are often touched by the love and eye for detail in our work. 

We started constructing Alauzet with the idea to facilitate other people’s retreats, guiding the retreats ourselves seemed pretentious and far-fetched at the time. But in the process of bringing Alauzet to life, we also brought our own latent qualities to life. We are really thankful for the opportunities and transformations that we receive through this project and all the guiding spirits of this land. 

In the winter time when it is too cold to work in construction we travel to South America. Especially Melissa feels very connected with the indigenous traditions and spends a lot of time to embody the wisdom received in those journeys.

We are very happy to share our little sanctuary and to guide others on a magical journey! 

And looking forward to see you soon at Alauzet!