Vision Quest


Vision Quests are rites of passage that have been conducted by indigenous cultures since the beginning of times. It is a great way to awaken your inner truth and connect with your higher self and nature, to receive guidance from the divine and to overcome fears and self-imposed limitations. It is a journey inward; by stepping outside of your daily routines and immersing yourself into the unknown wild nature you will open the door to your soul. One of the most profound benefits of a quest is the discovery of who you are through exploring the patterns in your life. Fasting, meditation, dance and prayer are a part of the physical, mental and emotional purification that will allow you to gain power and clarity.

We will spend three days and three nights of solitude in nature while fasting on water only. There are tremendous healing benefits in water fasting, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, but in case this is an obstacle for you because of medical reasons we can discuss food options.
This is a journey we will take together so we can support and motivate each other. Although you will be in solitude in the forest, knowing that others are not too far away will be a comforting idea.

In the months leading towards the quest you will be guided to prepare properly for the fast on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level to reach the highest benefits from your quest.

When you arrive at Alauzet we will have two days wherein we will prepare for the quest together. We will also participate in a Temazcal cleansing ceremony. This will help us to align with the divine and our intentions. Within the preparation there will be an emphasis on the four elements; earth, water, fire and air.
After the quest there will be two days of integration at Alauzet to help you bring the gifts of the quest home and really start to live the change.

The next Vision Quest will be June 14th to 21st 2019

Please send me an email for questions or to reserve your place.

Checkout the Transformational Vision Quest website for more information