Our Philosophy

We believe in the healing power of nature, from experience but also scientific research we have learned that being in nature has positive effects on human health, intelligence, and cognitive functioning. With Alauzet we seek to provide a nurturing space where people can reconnect with themselves trough the elements of nature; earth is connected to our body, air to our mind, water to our emotions and fire to our spirit. By simply being in nature we balance the elements within us, helping us to be more harmonious and centered. It helps us to access our natural, most joyful state from where we can breath deeply and laugh loudly.

We believe in Holistic wellbeing. A lifestyle that seeks to bring vitality and pleasure to all aspects of our being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We strife to be whole and happy through natural food, nature, yoga, awareness, detoxification, and holistic healing therapies. We enjoy guiding and inspiring others to find true wellbeing.

We believe in being kind to mother nature and the beings in the waters. We only use natural and biodegradable products and ask our visitors to do the same. The accommodations are constructed with a sustainable mind-set; we use as many natural, reclaimed and recycled materials as possible. This is not only beneficial for the earth but also for our own health.

We believe in the community spirit, to bond and connect with others from the heart. We encourage people to share their skills and knowledge with others. Feel welcome to take your stage!  We provide a communal space in the temple and at the sacred fire.

We also offer the opportunity to eat together a few days a week. We will cook luscious and wholesome vegetarian meals for everyone who likes to join.